Proxy Service mobile is a system which acts as a wap gateway between your cellphone and the site which you wish to browse. It takes in your requests for a webpage, processes it, removes a large chunk of useless code from the page markup and serves a tidy internet page to browse. Now with SSL Support! Web proxy is a service that is placed between a client and the internet, specifically for HTTP web surfing. It is normal that only HTTP traffic is cached. It is not so easy to cache and provide a web-proxy for HTTPS and FTP. Therefore the following example only shows how easy it is to enable a transparent web-proxy for HTTP traffic. We support full ssl - https, no file size limit. A virtual private network (VPN) is a mechnism for providing secure, reliable transport over Internet. The VPN uses authentication to deny access to unauthorized users, and encryption to prevent unauthorized users from reading the private network packets. The VPN can be used to send any kind of network traffic securely, including voice, video or data. Different VPN systems can include a lot of variation, such as: The protocols they use to tunnel the traffic, he tunnel's termination point, i.e., customer edge or network provider edge, The OSI layer they present to the connecting network, such as Layer 2 circuits or Layer 3 network connectivity.

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